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Our Impact

Driving system-wide change to affect not one, but thousands of young people!

Young Minds works to improve the lives of young people living with mental illness through a blend of policy action, impact litigation, and strategic communications. Learn more about our work by clicking the links below.

We strive to reform state and local mental health policies and programs for youth. Our advocacy addresses the root causes of the issues ailing the public mental health system for youth in order to drive sustainable, system-wide change that makes a difference in the lives of young people, their families, and the greater community. Our advocates have the unique knowledge, expertise, and influence to achieve system-wide changes for young people with mental health needs—positively impacting not just one, but thousands of youth.

Our attorneys use impact litigation to increase access to quality mental healthcare for thousands of young people in California and other Western states. For example, our case in California, Katie A. v. Bonta, prompted the State to provide intensive home and community-based mental health services to thousands of foster youth.

Once a case is settled, our advocates work collaboratively with state and county agencies throughout the implementation process to ensure litigation actually achieves improved outcomes for young people living with mental illness. Using the law to advocate for youth gives us a potent advantage in driving change. We are able to continue to fight for young people and their families, even after all other advocacy efforts have been exhausted.

We inform, educate, engage, and assist mental health stakeholders so they can effectively influence policies and programs that affect their lives. We do this using a multitude of activities including creating unique, high-quality content for our blog and web-site, training stakeholders on law and policy, and hosting events. Our community engagement efforts also help to change attitudes towards mental health, reduce stigma, and educate the public about the unique needs of youth.

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