WMU: Trump Budget Proposes Cuts to Mental Health; Our Growing Shortage of MH Professionals

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WMU: Trump Budget Proposes Cuts to Mental Health; Our Growing Shortage of MH Professionals

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Trump Calls For Mental Health Action After Shooting; His Budget Would Cut Programs

NPR – 2.15.18

Last week, President Trump publicly expressed grief over the recent Florida high school mass shooting. In his address, After expressing concern over the Florida community’s failure to notice and report that the shooter was “mentally disturbed,” Trump pledged to “tackle the difficult issue of mental health.” However, the President’s remarks did not include specific recommendations on possible changes in mental health policy.

In fact, his administration’s 2019 budget proposal could cut critical mental health resources. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s spending for example, would be decreased by $665 million. Additionally, the National Institute of Mental Health could incur a 30 percent reduction in funding — a half a billion dollar decrease — in 2019. Trump stated that he plans to meet with state officials to discuss mental health policy, including the proposed budget, in the coming weeks.

Forecast Shows Deepening Shortage Of Mental Health Professionals In California

California Healthline – 2.13.18

A new report from the California Health Care Foundation warns that within ten years, California’s shortage of culturally and geographically diverse behavioral health professionals will substantially worsen. As a result of this decline, many Californians seeking mental health treatment would struggle to receive the care they need. In particular, the report predicts that communities in the Central Valley and Inland Empire, as well as those with severe mental illness, will struggle to find care due to a lack of qualified workers. In addition to geographic challenges, the report flags growing racial disparities in behavioral health: Among total psychiatrists found across the state, Latinx (4 percent of psychiatrists) and African American psychiatrists (2 percent) are severely underrepresented.

“We have all kinds of issues, with both shortage and diversity of our workforces,” said Dawan Utecht, Director of Behavioral Health Services for Fresno County. “Pretty much any licensed clinical position is hard to fill.”

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