Weekly Mashup Special Edition: Videos We Love!

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Weekly Mashup Special Edition: Videos We Love!


Throughout the month of May we will be taking a break from our usual weekly news round up to bring you The Weekly Mashup: Special Edition! Each Friday, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ll be highlighting our favorite resources, campaigns and organizations that are a part of the movement to make mental health a priority!

Videos We Love!

For our final installment of the Weekly Mashup: Special Edition, we’ve rounded up our favorite mental health awareness videos! At Young Minds, we know that one of the biggest barriers to quality mental health care services for young people is stigma. These incredibly powerful and poignant videos are captivating ways for young viewers to shatter stigma around mental illness and become more engaged in their own wellness. Watch the videos below and be challenged, be informed, and be inspired! Share your favorite on your social media networks to help make mental health a priority!

A Message From Kevin Hines 4 Mental Health Month with #NoStigmas

Screenshot 2015-05-27 10.24.43At the age of nineteen, Kevin Hines attempted suicide by jumping off the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Since his miraculous survival, he has become a world renowned mental health and suicide prevention advocate. For Mental Health Awareness Month, Kevin calls for a world with #NoStigmas and the “end of mental health inequality.” When we eliminate the stigma that stifles wellness, healthy young minds thrive!

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Kevin Hines is one of the powerful voices often featured on the Young Minds’ blog, Hear Me Out. Read past posts by Kevin here.


Elephant in the Room

Screenshot 2015-05-27 15.48.52This clever video is a powerful reminder that although mental illness may seem invisible, it is actually very real and very common. Ignoring “the elephant in the room” or in other words, pretending mental illness doesn’t exist, has serious consequences.  “Less than half of those affected will receive any kind of mental health services” due to self and social stigma.

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Meet Becca And Challenge The Stigmas Around Mental Health

Screenshot 2015-05-27 15.50.33Becca is the kind of chick we’d love to see in all mental health videos. She has a mental health condition but says she’s the “happiest girl ever” because she’s getting the right help and support that she needs. Her unapologetic love for life and passion for wellness makes it clear that we must end stigma towards people with mental health challenges. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know someone like her!

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Confessions of a Depressed Comic

Screenshot 2015-05-27 11.30.45Kevin Breel gives one of our favorite TED Talks to date because he dares to talk openly about depression–even as a professional comic. He dares to strive for a world where our struggles aren’t masked in shame but are shared in strength, where seeking help for your mind is equal to getting treatment for your body. “We live in a world where if you break your arm, everyone runs over to sign your cast, but if you tell people you’re depressed, everyone runs the other way. That’s the stigma.”

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If Physical Health Problems Were Treated Like Mental Health Problems
Screenshot 2015-05-28 11.55.47

“Listen, I know you’re sick and all, but are you even trying to get better?” What if going to the doctor for the flu was as stigmatized as seeking mental health treatment? This thought-provoking video by Buzzfeed exposes how irrational stigmatization is and challenges viewers to think about mental health conditions in a whole new way.

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What videos do YOU love? Share them with us in the comments below!

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