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Thanks for an unforgettable evening!

It’s not every day that you turn four. Thanks to the support of many of you, Young Minds Advocacy did it in style! On Friday, October 7th nearly 70 community members joined us for our 4th Anniversary Celebration in Menlo Park. We raised almost $21,000 to support advocacy that changes lives thanks to the generosity [...]

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I’m Winning A War With My Brain Every Day

This Mental Health Awareness Month, I’m reflecting back on a year of experiences that strengthened me, but also made me see the frustrating reality of what it means to have bipolar disorder. I recently read an article that said living with bipolar disorder doesn’t get better but it becomes more manageable, and for me this [...]

Susan Shares Her Story…How Will You Get Involved?

Susan reached out to Young Minds over a year ago, at a time when she really needed support. She told us she wanted to share her experience with mental illness to inspire others and end stigma. Ever since, Susan's been a regular guest blogger on our Community Voices segment. She's also grown into a powerful youth advocate. In a [...]

This September, Prevention Can Start With You!

By Susan Page, Guest blogger TRIGGER WARNING This post contains information about suicide which may be triggering to those who have experienced suicidal ideation, loss of a loved one to suicide, or survived attempted suicide. Suicide happens more often than we would like to think, as I found out for myself earlier this year. I [...]

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Social Media + Mental Illness: The Good and The Bad

Social media backfired on me, but it also gave me my life back by Susan Page, Guest Blogger There once was a time in my life when I felt like I could connect with everyone and everything in the same way that billions do on social media outlets everyday. But when it came to my [...]

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World Bipolar Day

A Day to Love Ourselves and Each Other By Susan Page Today is World Bipolar Day, a day that came into existence thanks to a collaboration between Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder (ANBD), the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF), and the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD). March 30th is also Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday, a [...]

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News for the Week of February 23, 2015

The Weekly MashUp is a recurring segment on Hear Me Out, the Young Minds’ Blog, highlighting the most pertinent local and national news for children’s mental health advocates. If you haven't already, sign up to be on our email list to get the Weekly MashUp delivered to your inbox automatically, every Friday! Op-Ed: Changing Our [...]

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Storytelling Can Change the World

How my life in Uganda shapes the work I do today By Helen Seely, Communications Coordinator Before joining the YMAP team in November, I worked in East Africa. I had been chosen to partner with a community in rural Uganda to help an incredible family build a health clinic in their disconnected village. My job [...]

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New Year, New Opportunities for Change

My New Year resolutions for the mental healthcare system for young people Susan spending New Years at the beach. By Susan Page, Guest Blogger Every night, without exception, I find myself lying in bed thinking about the fact that there are other children out there struggling with mental illness. Mental illness takes lives [...]

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