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BREAKING NEWS: Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) Approved as Medi-Cal Service for California Youth!

A critical intensive mental health service will soon be available to foster youth in California! Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) is a specialized community-based treatment designed for children with significant mental health needs who cannot be cared for in their own homes. TFC offers intensive treatment in a family setting using specially trained foster parents as [...]

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Closing the Gap: DHCS Announces All Medi-Cal Youth Are Eligible for Community-Based Mental Health Care

By Annabelle Gardner, Director of Communications Thousands of young people with mental health needs in California are newly eligible for community-based mental healthcare thanks to policy changes announced by the Department of Health Care Services last week. With mental health related hospitalizations for children and youth at an all time high, these services could fill [...]

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DHCS Affirms that ‘Katie A.’ Services Aren’t Just for Foster Youth

In May, Young Minds Advocacy wrote to the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) requesting action to end the prohibition on providing intensive community-based mental healthcare to as many as 15,000 low-income youth in need throughout the state. In a response received yesterday, DHCS agreed with Young Minds’ assertion that these services, also known as [...]

Advocacy Update: Young Minds Sends Demand Letter to DHCS to End Unlawful Denial of Community­-based Mental Healthcare to ALL Medicaid­-eligible Youth in CA

Some of the most important rights to mental healthcare for children and youth come from federal “entitlement” programs. Generally, an entitlement is a legally enforceable guarantee of access to a public benefit or service. In other words, the prescribed service must be provided to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria. Many children have just such [...]

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Thousands Of Young People Likely Affected By “Out-Of-County” Barriers To Care

Foster youth placed “out-of-county” face significant barriers to accessing needed mental health services. Analysis of recent child welfare and mental health data demonstrates that children within this vulnerable population are more than six times less likely to receive intensive home and community-based services than foster youth served in-county placements. Young Minds’ president Patrick Gardner breaks [...]

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News for the Week of November 3, 2014

The Weekly MashUp is a recurring segment on Hear Me Out, the Young Minds’ Blog, highlighting the most pertinent local and national news for children’s mental health advocates. If you haven't already, sign up to be on our email list to get the Weekly MashUp delivered to your inbox automatically, every Friday! Three Part Series: [...]

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Anniversary of the Community Mental Health Act

51 Years Later, Mental Health Stakeholders Still Work to Fill in the Gaps By Emily Bisnett, Staff Attorney Fifty-one years ago today, President Kennedy enacted the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 (CMHA). Part of a group of federal policy changes, the CMHA aimed to shift the focus of mental health treatment from large [...]

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Moving from Discrimination to Integration–The Impact of ADA & Olmstead

Ensuring community-based options for persons diagnosed with mental health problems By Avina Krishna, Law Clerk Today marks the 24th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), the civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on a physical or mental disability. This summer also marks the 15th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court [...]

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In Plain English-Wraparound

Wraparound Advocates have pressed hard in recent years to increase access to “Wraparound” for young people with significant behavioral health needs.  A key strategy has been to encourage states to formally incorporate wraparound into the Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) entitlement. These efforts have resulted in significant reforms in several states [...]

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