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Lincoln Youth Mental Health Forum

Please join legislators, policy makers, agency leaders, and mental health advocates as they come together to develop state and federal legislative proposals for improving mental health services for youth and families. A light breakfast will be provided. Legislators/Elected Officials & Panelists: Assembly Member Rob Bonta, 18th District Assembly Member Tony Thurmond, 15th District Assembly Member Bill Quirk, [...]

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The Body Remembers What the Mind Wants to Forget: Healing Together After Trauma

Ana’s* small hands were clenched and raw. “Are you okay?” I asked. She said nothing, but the pattern of dents and cracks punched into her bedroom wall spoke volumes. As a children’s attorney, I was representing Ana in proceedings against her parent. By the age of 11, Ana had endured repeated assault at the hands [...]

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Hear From Our Newest Team Members!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Tara, Aisa, and Astrea. Their unique skills, experience, and perspectives will significantly enhance our ability to drive change in the lives of youth with mental health needs and their families. Here’s what each of them has to say about the work ahead: Tara Ford, J.D. Senior Attorney "I am [...]

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Why “Resilience” Alone Cannot Define Mental Health Conversations

By Smitha Gundavajhala, Law Clerk & Policy Intern Dear readers, This is a letter through which I hope to tell you a little bit about who I am, what I hope to accomplish, and why mental health is a topic that’s so deeply personal to me. I’m a 3rd year student at UC Berkeley, majoring [...]

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Weekly Mashup: Lessons from CMHACY

Throughout the month of May we will be taking a break from our usual weekly news round up to bring you The Weekly Mashup: Special Edition! Each Friday, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ll be highlighting our favorite resources, campaigns and organizations that are a part of the movement to make mental health a priority! Youth Voice Rings [...]

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Community Voices — Youth Perspective

Young Minds Advocacy Project is pleased to introduce a new youth voice to be featured on ‘Hear Me Out’—Susan Page! Susan will be a regular guest blogger over the next several months. She is a courageous young woman who writes about her experience living with mental illness in an effort to help others. She is also [...]

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