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Some Of The Best Stories Are Told Without Words

By Astrea Somarriba, Communications Coordinator

Our Social Media intern, Jeremiah, is always prepared for the perfect shot. At just 18 years old, he has built an impressive portfolio with images that represent different points in his life. When asked why photography is important to him, Jeremiah writes “I am always taking photos, whether I am happy or sad. Throughout foster care the past three years, photography has kept me afloat and sane.”

Alcatraz View; digital photography

At Young Minds, we work hard to develop platforms, like the Community Voices segment on our blog, for young people to safely share their experiences. But we also know that some of the best stories are the ones that are told without words. At our kick off to Mental Health Awareness Month event on April 30th, we’re honoring creative expression as a tool for self-reflection, healing, community building, and advocacy. Young artists, like Jeremiah, will exhibit pieces that reflect growth, identity, and pathways to mental wellness.

The deadline to submit art for our event is only 6 days away! This is a great opportunity for young people to speak up and out about mental health and to see their art on display in a cool San Francisco gallery space.

So far, we’ve received really cool submissions from young artists, including Cecelia.

Cecelia P.'s acrylic painting, Triple Take

Triple Take; Acrylic on canvas

Cecelia describes herself as a “self taught artist” whose paintings draw from music and the personalities of others. This piece, titled Triple Take, is Cecelia’s depiction of Bipolar Disorder and the feelings people have about their symptoms. She notes that “the ghosts are portrayed as positive methods used to manage one’s symptoms.”

Cecelia is just one young person using creative mediums to communicate the journey to mental wellness. We’re so excited to see her work on display at our event, and look forward to seeing the pieces of other talented youth.





If you’re a young person that does art, including poetry or lyrics, submit your work online today!

If you work with young people, share this opportunity with the youth you engage!

If you’re a community member that appreciates art and wants to support talented local youth and mental health advocates, purchase tickets to our ‘Creative Advocacy’ event! Thanks to our generous sponsors, a limited number of scholarships are available upon request.

I look forward to seeing you there! I’ll be hanging out by the photo booth :).

– Astrea

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