Psych groups pen letter to Trump; Police and MH professionals partner in SC County; Havasupai Nation’s children file lawsuit against US

//Psych groups pen letter to Trump; Police and MH professionals partner in SC County; Havasupai Nation’s children file lawsuit against US

Psych groups pen letter to Trump; Police and MH professionals partner in SC County; Havasupai Nation’s children file lawsuit against US

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Psychologists To Trump: Don’t Repeal ACA’s Mental Health Coverage
Forbes – 1.13.17

In a letter to Trump, the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychological Association Practice Organization urged that any future health reform legislation needs to “establish and enforce health insurance practice protections for consumers and providers.” These psychology groups represent over 117,000 clinicians, researchers, educators, consultants, and students. Authors of the letter highlighted how, before the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurers used a “wide array of practices to deny, delay and discourage use of [mental health] services.” Now, the ACA has made mental health and substance abuse disorder services a typical part of “essential health benefits,” and members of psychology groups fear that repealing the law without attention to these issues will be dangerous for millions. The APA is hopeful that bipartisan support of mental health services will preserve coverage, even if Congress follows through on the promises to repeal the health law and develop a replacement.

Palo Alto Police to Pilot Psychiatric-Emergency Team
Palo Alto Online – 1.12.17

In 2016, Palo Alto Police put 243 people in 72-hour psychiatric holds, more than in any year of the past decade and up from 239 in 2015. In an attempt to bring mental health services to individuals in need and keep them out of jails, Santa Clara County is introducing the new Psychological Emergency Response Team (PERT), which will pair a mental health professional with an officer. This program will focus specifically on serving young people between the ages of 18 to 25. PERT will pilot its services for a few months, and if successful, the program could roll out to other law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. The pilot program comes at no cost to the department as it will be funded through the Mental Health Services Act.

U.S. Government Has ‘Dismally Failed’ to Educate Native American Children, Lawsuit Alleges
Washington Post – 1.12.17

The federal government has repeatedly acknowledged its failure to provide adequate education to Native American children. Now, a federal class action lawsuit filed in Arizona aims to make Washington take action. Nine Native American children and members of the Havasupai Nation, whose ancestral homelands are in and around the Grand Canyon, are the named plaintiffs in the case. Federal law requires that “the federal government provide Native children with educational opportunities that equal or exceed those for all other students in the United States.” However, according to the complaint, “the U.S. government has dismally failed to fulfill these responsibilities.”

Havasupai Elementary School does not teach any subjects other than English and math; There are not enough textbooks or any after-school sports teams or clubs; The school has no system for evaluation or serving children with disabilities and often requires them to be educated at home. In a community so ingrained with historical trauma of displacement and discrimination, and the daily trauma of poverty, Havasupai Elementary School allegedly fails to provide counseling and other mental health supports the kids need. Lawyers for the Havasupai children say the lawsuit could set the important precedent that the federal government must do better for all children enrolled in Bureau of Indian Education schools.

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