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We believe that authentic public engagement by stakeholders in policy reform is integral to improving mental health policies and programs for youth. Whether you are a young person, caregiver, teacher, clinician, advocate, program administrator, or legislator–we hope our blog will broaden your understanding about mental health and the needs of youth, and encourage you to get involved!

Here are some of the regular segments featured on Hear Me Out:

Community Voices


We believe that youth who face mental health challenges have powerful and meaningful voices. We also believe that storytelling paired with advocacy can drive meaningful social change. Our segment Community Voices shares the unique perspectives of youth and others directly impacted by the mental health system. We believe the courageous individuals who share their experiences on our blog not only deserve to be at the forefront of the discussion, but should be given the opportunity to lead it. It’s our job—as experts, as advocates, as people—to amplify their voices and truly listen to their ideas.

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Advocacy Updates

Smitha BlogThe laws and policies that govern the public mental health system for youth are incredibly complex. This makes navigating the system effectively very challenging–leaving many members of the mental health community feeling left out and powerless. We use our blog to help demystify the jargon and legal terms used to describe the public mental health system. We want to keep you updated on policy decisions that impact the lives of youth. We want to bring you into the discussions that lead to systemic changes. Hear Me Out strives to give you information that is accessible and empowering so that together, we can take action!

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The Weekly MashUp


Staying up to date on the latest news isn’t easy. That’s why we created our segment the Weekly MashUp. Every Friday we pull together and summarize the most pertinent local and national news about children’s mental health, to save you time and keep you updated. Make sure you never miss a headline! Sign up to receive our Weekly MashUp in your inbox automatically every week.

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