New Fact Sheet on Katie A. Services!

New Fact Sheet on Katie A. Services!

Young Minds Advocacy is excited to share our new fact sheet to help youth access mental health services in their communities. This resource is intended for youth under 21 who are struggling with a mental health condition, and have or are eligible for MediCal coverage (California’s health insurance program for low income people).

The fact sheet describes “Katie A.” services, which are a set of three mental health services designed to meet youths’ unique needs, preferences, and talents in settings within their existing support networks. The resource also provides information about how to determine if a young person qualifies for Katie A. and the steps youth and families can take to secure the services.

While this fact sheet is intended for young people, we think advocates can use it as well to raise awareness of Katie A. among their colleagues and to help connect youth who are in need of mental health care to effective services. Check it out below to see if Katie A. services might help you or a young person in your life!

Katie A Fact Sheet (Young Minds Advocacy) by Smitha Gundavajhala on Scribd

The fact sheet was authored by Nisha Ajmani and formatted by Smitha Gundavajhala.

About the Author:

Nisha Ajmani
Nisha is a Staff Attorney & Policy Advocate at Young Minds. She is passionate about advocating on behalf of young people and utilizing the policy, legal, and court arenas to improve outcomes for at-risk youth.