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Get Involved!

You’ve probably read dozens of news stories about ‘America’s Broken Mental Health System.’ Stories of youth with untreated mental illness who fail in school, are arrested, become homeless, or even take their own lives. When you read those stories you may sympathize and want to do something.  You may ask yourself, “What can one person do to help?”

We’re here to help you do something.

We know that when people are educated about mental health and the needs of young people, attitudes change. We know that with quality care and support, youths with mental health challenges can lead hopeful, fulfilling lives, and be successful members of society. When attitudes change and kids have access to quality care, lives are saved.  What is more, you can help this happen.

Here are easy and effective ways to make a difference with Young Minds Advocacy:

1. Stay Connected

Go ahead…Your first step is as easy as clicking one of the links below.

2. Read Our Blog

On our blog, Hear Me Out, youth, caregivers, and advocates share their real-life experiences with mental health challenges to inspire, change attitudes, and stir community action around important issues. Our staff also write posts to highlight important mental health advocacy efforts and news so that you can stay updated and involved.

3. Share Your Story

At YMA we believe that sharing the real stories of youth and their allies is essential to improving the mental health system for young people. Our blog is a space for YOU to share your story or to highlight why you think mental health matters. It is a place where your voice is powerful and your perspective matters. Visit here to learn more or to submit a post.

4. Donate

Our work would not be possible without the generous support of people like you. If you believe young all people should have access to quality care that helps them lead healthy and fulfilling lives, please donate today!

5. Learn More About Mental Health

Visit our Resource page for Youth and Families to learn more about the signs and symptoms of mental illness and how to get connected to services and supports in your community.

Visit our Resource page for Advocates & Policy-Makers for information about youth mental health law, policies, and programs.

Visit our Resource page for Mental Health Professionals for information about the unique mental health needs of youth and quality, evidence-based interventions that could help improve their lives and the lives of their families.

6. Request a speaker

Looking for a Young Minds representative to speak at your next conference, meeting, panel, or event? Email us at Please permit up to two weeks for a response, and please note that due to our small staff size, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

7. Contact Us

Have an idea for a blog post? Wish we had more resources on a specific issue? Have a question for one of our advocates? We want to hear from you. Submit a question or comment here or email

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