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Generation Bold: Mental Health Advocacy By Girls, For Girls

Generation Bold (Gen Bold) is a year-long project to address the unique mental health needs of young women, ages 16 – 24. The initiative will promote women’s voices, address barriers to care for girls, and transform storytelling into a tool for change.

Did you know that young women are more likely than their male peers to experience anxiety and depression? Girls are also less likely to receive treatment for mental health challenges. Unmet mental health needs can impact young women’s self-confidence, education, and interpersonal relationships. It can also lead to more serious outcomes like involvement with the juvenile justice system and even suicide.

Gen Bold will provide a platform for young women to share their authentic selves and change the narrative around mental health. The project will also foster effective advocacy skills in the next generation of female leaders.

“Women’s voices are more powerful than they know. So many stories go untold–stories of resilience, survival, solidarity.”  – Smitha, Youth Advisory Board Member

Here are some ways YOU can get involved in Gen Bold:

This project is possible thanks to generous grants from the hope & grace initiative and the Mckenzie Foundation of San Francisco.

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