Student Mental Health Support Should be an Ongoing Priority for Schools

It was junior year. I was sitting in my honors chemistry class, probably joking around with some friends as the bell rang to start my first class of the day. Within a few minutes, the school was on lockdown. Someone reported seeing someone with a gun walking toward the high school. We were on lockdown [...]

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Children of Incarcerated Parents Also Serve Time

Upon arrival, we checked in at the front desk and waited patiently while the guards processed our paperwork. Our names were called, we passed through a metal detector without our shoes, and got a “cool” stamp on our hands before entering the visiting room. In my mind, I thought the stamp was cool because it [...]

Rebellious Communication and Radical Vulnerability: The new wave of mental health advocacy

If you want to understand us, listen to what we are not allowed to say. This mantra on “rebellious”(()) communication, inspired by Filipino political prisoners decrying their country’s martial law in the 1970s, can resonate in any instance where one’s voice is taken away or limited. Those living with mental illness or working in mental [...]

The Body Remembers What the Mind Wants to Forget: Healing Together After Trauma

Ana’s* small hands were clenched and raw. “Are you okay?” I asked. She said nothing, but the pattern of dents and cracks punched into her bedroom wall spoke volumes. As a children’s attorney, I was representing Ana in proceedings against her parent. By the age of 11, Ana had endured repeated assault at the hands [...]

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