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‘Cultural Competency,’ More than Just Buzzwords

‘In Plain English’ is a recurring segment on Hear Me Out where we break down key issues and concepts in the world of mental health and youth advocacy. Do you have a great idea for our next IPE post? Share it with us here. Imagine moving to a new country at a young age. You [...]

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In Plain English

Federal Mental Health Parity Final Rule Released—And Why That Should Matter to You In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought we would start off this week’s blog with some pies.  Not as yummy as pumpkin, these pies are nevertheless worthy of your attention. In particular, you may notice that in 2005:   Mental Health Expenditures were less [...]

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In Plain English-Mental Health Parity

Mental Health Parity Three years ago last month, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. Although some of the Act’s provisions have already gone into effect, many of the ACA’s largest programs are set to roll out next year, including a substantial expansion of existing mental health parity protections under the 1996 [...]

In Plain English-Wraparound

Wraparound Advocates have pressed hard in recent years to increase access to “Wraparound” for young people with significant behavioral health needs.  A key strategy has been to encourage states to formally incorporate wraparound into the Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) entitlement. These efforts have resulted in significant reforms in several states [...]

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In Plain English–EPSDT

What is an "Entitlement"? Some of the most important rights to mental health care for children and youth come from federal “entitlement” programs. In order to benefit from and protect these rights, it is critical to understand them. What does it mean to have an entitlement to mental health care? Generally, an entitlement is [...]

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