From James Baldwin to Kid Cudi: Conversations on Black Mental Health in Honor of Black History Month

I have always been struck, in America, by an emotional poverty so bottomless, and a terror of human life, of human touch, so deep, that virtually no American appears able to achieve any viable, organic connection between his public stance and his private life. This failure of the private life has always had the [...]

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Recipe for Wellness: Bring It All to the Table

By Aisa Villarosa, Associate Attorney Since her death in 2014, my grandmother’s legacy of recipes has outlived her earthly body. At least a few times a year, my Lola (“grandmother”) takes a seat at the family table through the lovingly recreated afritada, adobo and pancit she made for her children and grandchildren. We savor these [...]

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I have OCD, but I’m not OCD

I’ve had anxiety and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) since childhood but wasn’t diagnosed until I was around twenty. For a good chunk of my life, I felt as though part of my brain was broken and it was somehow my fault. I often felt too ashamed, embarrassed and fearful to share what I was [...]

Meet Our Newest Team Member!

Young Minds' Welcomes Communications Intern William Koehler! Young Minds Advocacy Project is pleased to introduce William Koehler as the organization’s new communications intern. William comes to Young Minds with extensive interest and experience in working with non-profit organizations to increase their ability to engage with their constituents and expand their audience. William is especially excited to [...]

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