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A Flexible Approach for Improving Mental Health Care In Schools

I’ve worked with children since I was old enough to do so, either as a babysitter, tutor, mentor, or camp counselor, and have focused my psychology major on child development and mental health. The biggest takeaway from my experience with children and study of their psychological development has been the crucial role of teachers [...]

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Wellness Starts with Our Youth: A Series on Bay Area Youth Leading Change in Mental Health

“Wellness” is a term you hear often in Silicon Valley. But what does it really mean? To some families, wellness revolves around externally gratifying accomplishments – a child is doing well if he or she is earning straight As, participating in resume-bolstering extracurricular activities, and getting into the most prestigious universities. From parents to [...]

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YMA Launches New Project to Address the Mental Health Needs of Young Women

Kristina* is a great student; She’s engaged, works hard, and is the leader of several student groups. Her peers look up to her, and all of the adults in her life recognize her potential. What they don’t see is that Kristina is like a duck: calm on the surface, but paddling furiously beneath the water [...]

This Is Happiness

In the positive spirit of the recent strides in youth mental health care reform across the nation (in Duluth, Palo Alto, Cayuga County, California, and Georgia), here is a post brought to you by sheer happiness. According to Buster from the show, Arthur (one of the best shows ever): “Happiness is pizza on a Friday [...]

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