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Bill to Provide Equal Access to Mental Healthcare for Foster Youth Heads to the Governor’s Desk With Virtually Unanimous Support

On Monday, Assembly Bill 1299 (Ridley-Scott), “Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services for Foster Youth,” passed the California State Assembly and is now on its way to the Governor’s Desk. This marks a turning point in a nearly 20 year effort to ensure all foster youth have equal access to mental healthcare. Foster youth are three [...]

California Prepares for Implementation of New Intensive Medi-Cal Mental Health Treatment

Statewide Rollout of Therapeutic Foster Care Will Complete the Third and Final Service Component of the Longstanding Katie A. Reform Lawsuit California took its first step towards implementing a new intensive community-based mental health service for children and youth with serious mental health needs. Earlier this month, the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) [...]

BREAKING NEWS: Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) Approved as Medi-Cal Service for California Youth!

A critical intensive mental health service will soon be available to foster youth in California! Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) is a specialized community-based treatment designed for children with significant mental health needs who cannot be cared for in their own homes. TFC offers intensive treatment in a family setting using specially trained foster parents as [...]

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Closing the Gap: DHCS Announces All Medi-Cal Youth Are Eligible for Community-Based Mental Health Care

By Annabelle Gardner, Director of Communications Thousands of young people with mental health needs in California are newly eligible for community-based mental healthcare thanks to policy changes announced by the Department of Health Care Services last week. With mental health related hospitalizations for children and youth at an all time high, these services could fill [...]

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New Report Finds Thousands of Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth in California May Be Eligible for Community-Based Mental Health Treatment

As many as seventy percent of young people, involved in the juvenile justice system, may have a serious mental health condition. Yet only eight percent of these youth received treatment within 6 months after entering detention. High rates of youth with mental illness in the juvenile justice system are due, in part, to the failure [...]

Young People Want and Deserve Better Care Than SB 253 Can Deliver

By Patrick Gardner, President In the debate about children and psychotropic medications, everyone is looking for better outcomes. Foster youth are seeking to assert more control over their lives and their healthcare, and they want people to understand that medications alone cannot fix the hurt they feel. Doctors and other healthcare providers are struggling to [...]

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A Powerful Voice Emerges

How the “Drugging Our Kids” Documentary Brought Foster Youth, Sade Daniels, into the Spotlight By Helen Seely, Communications Coordinator Starting in August of 2014, San Jose Mercury News reporter, Karen de Sá, produced a five part investigative series on the use of psychotropic drugs among California’s foster youth called Drugging Our Kids. YMAP followed the [...]

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Equal Access to Mental Healthcare Still Eludes Foster Youth Placed “Out-Of-County”

California's Social Services and Mental Health Agencies Pledge Action at Child Welfare Council Roughly one-in-five young people in California’s foster care system are transferred between counties after entering care. Even though as many as two-thirds or more of these youth have heightened mental health needs, data show that they often wait months, or even years, [...]

Mother’s Day–A Chance to Reflect

by Donna James, Senior Associate Over fifty five thousand children in California were removed from their homes due to parental neglect or abuse in 2012. On Mother’s Day my heartfelt thanks goes to the relatives, friends, and caring adults who provide homes for these children.  Those who provide loving, stable homes for children whose biological [...]

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