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Managing Stress and Making It in the Creative World

Sometimes, being creative is a double-edged sword. Your artistic pursuits inspire and motivate you, but the fast-paced, high-stress world of the creative professions wears on you. Unfortunately for many artistic professionals, this leads to battles with depression, addiction, and other mental illness. But pursuing your passions doesn’t have to mean being a tortured artist. [...]

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Everyone Is Worthy of Mental Health Care. Yes, Even You!

For the longest time, I didn’t think I was worthy of mental health care. My work in community mental health made me painfully aware of how limited the resources were--so many people I knew were struggling to access the services they so desperately needed. Many of my peers were dealing with severe mental health [...]

YMA Releases New Data Compilation on Access to EPSDT Services

Breaking news! Young Minds Advocacy has released an exclusive table on access to Early, Periodic, Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) mental health services. The table, available for download here, provides data on California’s provision of Medi-Cal specialty mental health services to children and youth—and, more specifically, a county-by-county comparison of EPSDT penetration rates from [...]

Voices of Creative Advocacy: Tristin Severns

Note: editors of the Weekly MashUp will be attending CMHACY this week. We look forward to bringing you a special edition of the WMU when we return.  On April 29th, we hosted our kick off to Mental Health Awareness Month event, Creative Advocacy, in San Francisco. We honored five youth and adult advocates for their work [...]

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Wellness Starts With Our Youth: A Series on Bay Area Youth Leading Change in Mental Health

Part 2 with Nadia Ghaffari, Founder of TeenzTalk Please see part 1 of series. Nadia was first introduced to mental health in her psychology class during 10th grade. Her community had previously experienced two teen suicide clusters, so she knew the topic was important, but like most of her classmates, she lacked a tangible [...]

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WMU: New bill bars prosecution of kids under 12; Birth control & depression; Digital mental health communities

The Weekly MashUp is a recurring segment on Hear Me Out, the Young Minds’ Blog, highlighting the most pertinent local and national news for children’s mental health advocates. If you haven't already, sign up to be on our email list to get the Weekly MashUp delivered to your inbox automatically, every Thursday! Too Young [...]

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Vote Expected Tomorrow to Repeal and Replace the ACA

The House will vote tomorrow, March 23, on whether to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare). The House bill proposes to cut 25% of Medicaid's budget, eliminate the guarantee that Medicaid will provide the health and supportive services (including mental health and substance use disorder services) that people need, and [...]

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When You Feel Like There’s Too Much on Your Plate

You're a daughter; a granddaughter; a sibling or BFF; a student; an employee; perhaps a dedicated religious follower; an errand girl; maybe a girlfriend or young wife; an auntie or new mommy yourself. You act as an accountant for your bills; applying to college and starting a career makes you your own public relations [...]

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Let’s Hear It For the Girls!

Today is International Women’s Day--a global day of action to forge a more gender-inclusive world. Earlier this year Young Minds Advocacy launched a new project called Generation Bold: Mental Health Advocacy By Girls, For Girls. We developed this project in response to a troubling trend: young women are more likely than their male peers [...]

From James Baldwin to Kid Cudi: Conversations on Black Mental Health in Honor of Black History Month

I have always been struck, in America, by an emotional poverty so bottomless, and a terror of human life, of human touch, so deep, that virtually no American appears able to achieve any viable, organic connection between his public stance and his private life. This failure of the private life has always had the [...]

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