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Ending the Cycle of Trauma: How Prosecuting Youth as Adults Worsens Mental Health Challenges Among Young People and What We Can Do About It

“The system raised me, and the system failed me,” said Raymond Aguilar at a recent press conference, announcing the publication of a new report highlighting the public health outcomes of trying youth as adults.  Mr. Aguilar, a youth advocate, was prosecuted as an adult during his mid-teen years; he spent 26 years in prison. [...]

A Flexible Approach for Improving Mental Health Care In Schools

I’ve worked with children since I was old enough to do so, either as a babysitter, tutor, mentor, or camp counselor, and have focused my psychology major on child development and mental health. The biggest takeaway from my experience with children and study of their psychological development has been the crucial role of teachers [...]

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Wellness Starts with Our Youth: A Series on Bay Area Youth Leading Change in Mental Health

“Wellness” is a term you hear often in Silicon Valley. But what does it really mean? To some families, wellness revolves around externally gratifying accomplishments – a child is doing well if he or she is earning straight As, participating in resume-bolstering extracurricular activities, and getting into the most prestigious universities. From parents to [...]

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A call to advocate: Critical portions of the Affordable Care Act that help children and adolescents struggling with mental illness

The Affordable Care Act (i.e. the ACA or “Obamacare”) has provided more support and access to treatment for children struggling with mental illness than any other health care reform law since Medicaid. Most importantly, the ACA championed the advancement of mental health parity, which is an idea that treatments for mental illness should be [...]

Breaking News: DOJ Issues Guidance to Criminal Justice Entities Regarding Individuals With Mental Health Disabilities

At what point do our laws – and law enforcement officers – treat someone in a mental health crisis not as a “victim,” but a “threat?” This question plays out routinely across our nation’s institutions, including our hospitals, prisons, schools, and courtrooms.  In their day-to-day work, law enforcement officials take action over the care, [...]

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This New Year, Please Remember the Kids Who Can’t Go Home

“He wanted to ride his bike into traffic.”  “He returned home with cuts on his neck.”  “He’s talking suicide…Please take action.”  “He turned a knife on himself when he was six.”  These words reflect the experiences of four young men who have never met, are from different towns, and have their own unique life stories.  [...]

2016 Impact Report

Wow! What a year it’s been. Thanks to your unwavering support, we’ve had a bigger impact on the lives of youth and families than ever before: Increased access to care means more young people will succeed in school, avoid delinquency, build lasting relationships, and successfully transition into adulthood. Thank you for prioritizing youth wellness [...]

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Giving Thanks To The Millennials At The Table

Friendsgiving dinner, courtesy of millennials. “I am so impressed with us. It’s like we’re actually adults!” This sentiment was the mantra of my Friendsgiving -- a pre-Thanksgiving meal among friends. It was first declared when my roommates and I successfully rinsed, brined, and transferred our 18 pound turkey to the oven. It [...]

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Youth Mental Health Needs Your Attention Now More Than Ever

Last Tuesday was an emotional watershed moment for many of us--including young people. Youth, especially those who identify as minority group members, expressed fear about how this election will impact them and their communities: “I’m with some foster brothers and sisters and we’re all just getting through it. It’s triggering,” one youth texted our staff. [...]

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3 Ways to Practice Self-Care this Election Season

“There’s my big, growing nation. How you doing, Champ?” For his ninth opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, Tom Hanks returned to a role he has embraced, repeatedly, in films like Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13, and Captain Phillips — one bringing clarity and calm to an atmosphere of chaos. Wrapped in a cozy sweater [...]

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