WMU: Why College Students Need Care; Revised ‘Katie A.’ Manual, New STRTP Criteria Released

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Meet Parents & Caregivers for Wellness

After welcoming a packed room, clinical social worker Dr. Kate Messina reminded over 100 parents and caregivers that, despite the presence of challenges and adversity, “every single moment of childhood is an opportunity to learn.” In December 2017, Messina led a two-day training in Chico, California on how parents and caregivers of youth can [...]

In the Land of Startups and Stanford, Where’s the Support for Kids?

We made a family move to Palo Alto, California nearly 3 years ago, when our daughter Zoe was 13.  Relocation is hard, especially when you love your home and we loved New Mexico.  Still, my husband and I hoped that the move to a new community would broaden Zoe’s exposure to the world, offering her [...]

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