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To kick off Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Young Minds Advocacy is hosting our 3rd Annual Creative Advocacy — a celebration to support local artists, counter stigma, and honor mental health advocates who change lives! Samantha Chiang, a fierce college mental health advocate, is one of our Creative Advocacy Awardees. Sam, 19, [...]

Youth Speak Truth to MHSOAC

Youth attendees spoke truth to power at the Innovate for Impact mental health summit, where they opened up a dialogue about the need for meaningful youth engagement by the MHSOAC. The Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) and IDEO co-hosted Innovate for Impact, California’s first innovation summit on mental health. The summit, which [...]

Meet Parents & Caregivers for Wellness

After welcoming a packed room, clinical social worker Dr. Kate Messina reminded over 100 parents and caregivers that, despite the presence of challenges and adversity, “every single moment of childhood is an opportunity to learn.” In December 2017, Messina led a two-day training in Chico, California on how parents and caregivers of youth can [...]


Young Minds Advocacy's 3rd Annual Creative Advocacy is coming up! Each year, we host an evening that uplifts art and advocacy, and seeks to celebrate advocates of youth mental health — including young people that speak through their art. We’d love for you to join us, so please save the date: Saturday, April 28th, 2018 from 6 - 9 [...]

Get On Board!: The Call For Youth Voice On Local Mental Health Boards

County Mental Health Boards (MHBs) are official local bodies that play a fundamental role in shaping each county’s mental health system. These MHBs are responsible for championing their community’s mental health needs and challenges – including advocating for accessible, safe, and effective treatment for individuals and families. MHBs also coordinate with their county’s board [...]

Deja View: Susan Page Makes Waves

Young Minds Advocacy blogger and No Stigma No Barriers youth advocate Susan Page has been making waves, sharing her experiences in order to shatter stereotypes, stigma, and silence around mental health. Her advocacy has taken her to various organizations, including Google, the San Francisco Mental Health Board, and a diversity of communities around the Bay [...]

Deja View: Meet The No Stigma No Barriers Youth Board

Led by a group of young people ages 16 to 28, the No Stigma No Barriers (NSNB) collaborative aims to  improve mental health outcomes for transition age youth ("TAY") and their families. Just beginning its second year, the collaborative is led by youth advocates from the California Youth Connection (CYC), PEERS, Young Minds Advocacy, and [...]

Congressional Justifications for Mental Healthcare: A Dangerous Stereotype?

Most Americans are aware of the stereotype that people with mental illness are more violent and dangerous than the general population. Everyone has seen or heard of a slasher film where the “slasher” is an escaped or released psychiatric patient on a murder spree. In the last decade, due to multiple high-profile mass shootings, [...]

Managing Stress and Making It in the Creative World

Sometimes, being creative is a double-edged sword. Your artistic pursuits inspire and motivate you, but the fast-paced, high-stress world of the creative professions wears on you. Unfortunately for many artistic professionals, this leads to battles with depression, addiction, and other mental illness. But pursuing your passions doesn’t have to mean being a tortured artist. [...]

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Everyone Is Worthy of Mental Health Care. Yes, Even You!

For the longest time, I didn’t think I was worthy of mental health care. My work in community mental health made me painfully aware of how limited the resources were--so many people I knew were struggling to access the services they so desperately needed. Many of my peers were dealing with severe mental health [...]