CA provides guidance on TFC; Suicide higher among homeless teens

//CA provides guidance on TFC; Suicide higher among homeless teens

CA provides guidance on TFC; Suicide higher among homeless teens

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State Provides Guidance on Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC)
Young Minds Advocacy – March 2017

Last month, the California Departments of Social Services and Health Care Services jointly issued an All County Information Notice (ACIN) on the rollout of Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC), a critical Specialty Mental Health Service for children and youth.

Therapeutic Foster Care is a short-term, individualized, and trauma-informed service model available for Medi-Cal eligible youth up to age 21. TFC services occur in a family home with highly trained TFC parents, and provides a community-based alternative to institutionalization for high-needs youth.

Guidance from the State’s February 2017 TFC Notice includes:

  • An overview of the TFC model and situations where TFC services may benefit youth;
  • Requirements for recruiting, approving, and supervising TFC parents; and
  • Guidelines for TFC Agencies responsible for assisting TFC parents, coordinating services, and monitoring progress.

TFC is part of the “Katie A.” intensive mental health service array, named after the 2002 class action lawsuit that challenged California’s failure to provide adequate children’s mental healthcare under Medi-Cal. Katie A. services are designed to help young people with intensive mental health needs avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and flourish at home and in their communities.

The implementation of TFC implementation is just beginning: the State authorized TFC as a Medi-Cal covered, reimbursable service starting January 1, 2017. Support from youth, families, providers, and advocates is key to fully realizing TFC’s promise and ensuring that young people with complex emotional and behavioral challenges can receive treatment in a therapeutic and homelike setting.

The State’s Information Notice and attachments on TFC can be found here.

Homeless Teens Are 3 Times More Likely To Attempt Suicide, Be Hurt By Partners
The Huffington Post – 3.14.17

According to a report released by the Institute of Children Poverty & Homelessness, teens experiencing homelessness are three times more likely to attempt suicide than those with stable housing. The report, “More Than a Place to Sleep” highlighted the impact that homelessness has on teenagers, and found that they are more likely than their housed peers to experience dating violence, suffer from preventable but serious health concerns, and attempt suicide at a higher rate. Authors of the report noted the mental health consequences of lack of sleep, finding that students experiencing homelessness are more likely to get fewer than four hours of sleep. This can put youth at risk for developing mental health issues and problems with substance use. The Institute of Children Poverty & Homelessness includes recommendations for addressing the unique needs of high schoolers experiencing homelessness, such as expanding school-based health programs and collecting more accurate data.

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