Bill introduced to address toxic stress in CA kids; Steven Cohen invests $275M in veteran’s MH clinics; Senate passes Cures Act

//Bill introduced to address toxic stress in CA kids; Steven Cohen invests $275M in veteran’s MH clinics; Senate passes Cures Act

Bill introduced to address toxic stress in CA kids; Steven Cohen invests $275M in veteran’s MH clinics; Senate passes Cures Act

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Legislation to Help Calif. Children Suffering from Trauma and Toxic Stress introduced by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty
California Newswire – 12.7.16

This week, Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) introduced Assembly Bill 11 (AB 11), which seeks to provide critical support for early intervention services for California’s infants and children experiencing toxic stress. These intervention services could include early learning and home visitations, along with health and mental health support. Scott Moore, Executive Director of Kidango, an early childhood education advocacy organization, suggests that “young children who suffer from toxic stress need a comprehensive and integrated support system that brings early learning, early intervention, health and family supports together to provide the strong foundation they need to begin to recover and eventually thrive.” Assemblymember McCarty notes that “AB 11 is a proactive approach” to addressing childhood trauma, which can often have short and long-term effects on the physical and emotional health, social development, and academic success of a child.

Free Clinics Aim To Fill VA’s Shortfalls In Mental Health
Kaiser Health News – 12.7.16

In 2014, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimated that there were 2.6 million post-9/11 veterans, many of whom have high rates of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health concerns. A study by the VA found that nearly 30% of soldiers treated at the VA who served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffered from PTSD, yet only half received services for their condition. To address this gap in care, Steven A. Cohen, CEO of Point72 Asset Management, has funded a new chain of free mental health clinics for veterans and their families in five U.S cities. Marilyn L. Flynn, dean of the University of Southern California School of Social Work, suggests this network of clinics will combat “the persistent delays and the persistent lack of access that our service members and our families have experienced.” Cohen is investing $275 million nationally in clinics and hopes to open around 20 clinics in the next five years.

U.S. Senate Approves 21st Century Cures Act
The Council of State Governments Justice Center – 12.7.16

On Thursday, the United States Senate passed the 21st Century Cures Act, a $6 billion public health and medical research bill that includes a variety of health and mental initiatives. The article highlights the five major impacts of this bill, including enacting a funding mechanism for mental health resources within or intersecting with the justice system and administering mental health training for law enforcement agencies. Michael Thompson, director of The Council of State Governments Justice Center, notes how encouraging it has been to “see Republicans and Democrats working to find common ground on the issue of criminal justice…The bill provides much-needed resources and know-how to help state and local governments increase public safety, cut costs, and save lives.” The bill will now head to President Obama’s desk.

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