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Tristin Severns, 20, is an Indigenous Person of Humboldt County and a member of the Yurok Nation. He identifies as a survivor of generational trauma and genocide and believes in advocating for himself and his people to end the cycles of systematic abuse plaguing his people in the forms of violence, neglect, addiction, trauma, and erasure of Indigenous Identities. Tristin believes that voicing the lived experience of native people and bringing awareness to their struggles, we can help heal the wounds brought by colonization. He believes that tradition, ceremony, cultural practice, humor, and connection are ways to heal. He is a part of the Humboldt County Transition Age Youth Collaboration (HCTAYC) Youth Advisory Board and enjoys connecting with his peers and other cultures that have a part of his community.

Voices of Creative Advocacy: Tristin Severns

Note: editors of the Weekly MashUp will be attending CMHACY this week. We look forward to bringing you a special edition of the WMU when we return.  On April 29th, we hosted our kick off to Mental Health Awareness Month event, Creative Advocacy, in San Francisco. We honored five youth and adult advocates for their work [...]

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