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Patrick Gardner is the Founder and President of Young Minds.

Amazing Annabelle, Adieu

Five years ago, I created Young Minds Advocacy to improve the lives of young people with serious mental health challenges. I didn’t do this alone: My daughter Annabelle joined me in founding the organization. At the time, some people recommended against launching a not-for-profit “family affair;” but, as it turns out, I’ve never made [...]

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Call Now to Protect Children’s Access to Medicaid

If the movies have taught me anything, it’s that the last gasp of a dying monster can be its deadliest. I think that’s true of Graham-Cassidy, the final act of the monster called “repeal and replace.” It’s an awful bill that, among other things, will take away mental health care for thousands of children [...]

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In California, Business As Usual: Foster Youth Are Left Waiting

By Patrick Gardner, Director Articles by the Chronicle of Social Change have described a long-standing problem wherein many children who are removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect are provided inadequate access to mental health care. That’s because California’s county-run mental health system will not effectively deliver mental health care to children who [...]

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Young People Want and Deserve Better Care Than SB 253 Can Deliver

By Patrick Gardner, President In the debate about children and psychotropic medications, everyone is looking for better outcomes. Foster youth are seeking to assert more control over their lives and their healthcare, and they want people to understand that medications alone cannot fix the hurt they feel. Doctors and other healthcare providers are struggling to [...]

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Thousands Of Young People Likely Affected By “Out-Of-County” Barriers To Care

Foster youth placed “out-of-county” face significant barriers to accessing needed mental health services. Analysis of recent child welfare and mental health data demonstrates that children within this vulnerable population are more than six times less likely to receive intensive home and community-based services than foster youth served in-county placements. Young Minds’ president Patrick Gardner breaks [...]

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