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Nisha is a Staff Attorney & Policy Advocate at Young Minds. She is passionate about advocating on behalf of young people and utilizing the policy, legal, and court arenas to improve outcomes for at-risk youth.

New Fact Sheet on Katie A. Services!

Young Minds Advocacy is excited to share our new fact sheet to help youth access mental health services in their communities. This resource is intended for youth under 21 who are struggling with a mental health condition, and have or are eligible for MediCal coverage (California’s health insurance program for low income people). The [...]

“Katie” Turns 15: How the Katie A. Lawsuit Has Reduced Youth Institutionalization and Expanded Opportunities for Thousands of Young People in CA with Mental Health Needs

Today marks a significant anniversary in the landmark California youth mental health case, Katie A. v. Bonta. On December 20, 2002, attorneys representing thousands of foster youth with serious mental health needs filed a federal lawsuit against the State of California and Los Angeles County for failing to provide foster youth with necessary mental [...]

Ending the Cycle of Trauma: How Prosecuting Youth as Adults Worsens Mental Health Challenges Among Young People and What We Can Do About It

“The system raised me, and the system failed me,” said Raymond Aguilar at a recent press conference, announcing the publication of a new report highlighting the public health outcomes of trying youth as adults.  Mr. Aguilar, a youth advocate, was prosecuted as an adult during his mid-teen years; he spent 26 years in prison. [...]

WMU Special Edition: How We Can Improve Mental Health Outcomes for Young People in 2017: Highlights from Lincoln Policy Panel

“How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  That piece of advice has been showing up in many different parts of my life lately, including at a recent youth mental health forum in Oakland, hosted by Lincoln Child Center on January 6th.  The event featured a wide range of presenters, including [...]

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This New Year, Please Remember the Kids Who Can’t Go Home

“He wanted to ride his bike into traffic.”  “He returned home with cuts on his neck.”  “He’s talking suicide…Please take action.”  “He turned a knife on himself when he was six.”  These words reflect the experiences of four young men who have never met, are from different towns, and have their own unique life stories.  [...]