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Growing up in Colorado, from an early age Jacqueline has always been intrigued by the human mind and how it works. This interest has been enhanced through her study of psychology at Arizona State. Interning for a Rehabilitation Center and Victims Advocate helped her grasp a better understanding on Mental Illness. Informing, and educating others about mental health issues is something that she has always felt passionate about considering the large number of people who have some sort of direct or indirect experience with mental illness. Being involve in organizing educational or awareness events, always felt that you make a difference by actively raising awareness about it, educating the public, and reducing the stigma that these people face. A firm believer in creating a positive space for everyone to share their experiences without discrimination since High School. She would also like to collaborate with national organizations.

Don’t Make Them Fight It Alone

By definition, mental health is in relation to “a person’s condition regarding their psychological and emotional well-being.” Negative attitudes and beliefs towards people who have mental health conditions surround us each day. There are many myths about mental health: mental illness makes someone “crazy”; people experiencing mental health conditions are unstable, violent, or even dangerous. [...]