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Bharat Sampathi received his B.A. from Wayne State University and is a third-year M.D. candidate at University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. As a Palo Alto native and Henry M. Gunn High School graduate, he is committed to using his own personal experiences to help prevent future suicide clusters in the Bay Area. He aspires to be a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and is specifically interested in Asian-American mental health, suicide prevention, de-stigmatizing mental illnesses, and minimizing acculturative family distancing.

Wellness Starts With Our Youth: A Series on Bay Area Youth Leading Change in Mental Health

Part 2 with Nadia Ghaffari, Founder of TeenzTalk Please see part 1 of series. Nadia was first introduced to mental health in her psychology class during 10th grade. Her community had previously experienced two teen suicide clusters, so she knew the topic was important, but like most of her classmates, she lacked a tangible [...]

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Wellness Starts with Our Youth: A Series on Bay Area Youth Leading Change in Mental Health

“Wellness” is a term you hear often in Silicon Valley. But what does it really mean? To some families, wellness revolves around externally gratifying accomplishments – a child is doing well if he or she is earning straight As, participating in resume-bolstering extracurricular activities, and getting into the most prestigious universities. From parents to [...]

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