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Annabelle Gardner is the director of communications at Young Minds and editor in chief of our blog, Hear Me Out. She believes storytelling is a powerful tool for social change.

Let’s Hear It For the Girls!

Today is International Women’s Day--a global day of action to forge a more gender-inclusive world. Earlier this year Young Minds Advocacy launched a new project called Generation Bold: Mental Health Advocacy By Girls, For Girls. We developed this project in response to a troubling trend: young women are more likely than their male peers [...]

2016 Impact Report

Wow! What a year it’s been. Thanks to your unwavering support, we’ve had a bigger impact on the lives of youth and families than ever before: Increased access to care means more young people will succeed in school, avoid delinquency, build lasting relationships, and successfully transition into adulthood. Thank you for prioritizing youth wellness [...]

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YMA Launches New Project to Address the Mental Health Needs of Young Women

Kristina* is a great student; She’s engaged, works hard, and is the leader of several student groups. Her peers look up to her, and all of the adults in her life recognize her potential. What they don’t see is that Kristina is like a duck: calm on the surface, but paddling furiously beneath the water [...]

Thanks for an unforgettable evening!

It’s not every day that you turn four. Thanks to the support of many of you, Young Minds Advocacy did it in style! On Friday, October 7th nearly 70 community members joined us for our 4th Anniversary Celebration in Menlo Park. We raised almost $21,000 to support advocacy that changes lives thanks to the generosity [...]

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Governor Signs AB 1299: “Out-of-County” Will No Longer Mean “Out-of-Luck” for Foster Youth with Mental Health Needs

On Sunday, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1299 (Ridley-Thomas), “Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services for Foster Youth,” into law. This represents a significant turning point in the delivery of mental health services to foster youth in California: “out-of-county” will no longer mean “out-of-luck.” The passage of AB 1299 also demonstrates what’s possible when advocates, providers, [...]

Bill to Provide Equal Access to Mental Healthcare for Foster Youth Heads to the Governor’s Desk With Virtually Unanimous Support

On Monday, Assembly Bill 1299 (Ridley-Scott), “Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services for Foster Youth,” passed the California State Assembly and is now on its way to the Governor’s Desk. This marks a turning point in a nearly 20 year effort to ensure all foster youth have equal access to mental healthcare. Foster youth are three [...]

You Can’t Change Public Policy Without Leadership: Dispatches from CMHACY 2016

“Is there a discernible youth mental health policy in California?” That was the question on the minds of many mental health advocates at last week’s 2016 CMHACY (California Mental Health Advocates for Children and Youth) Conference in Pacific Grove, California. The consensus? Not so much. Why? Well it depends on who you ask. But two [...]

What Do We All Have in Common? Lessons (and Gratitude) from Creative Advocacy

Wow. What a night! On Saturday, over 220 people joined us at SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco for our Creative Advocacy event. We couldn’t feel more honored to have such a thoughtful, dedicated, and energetic community. Thanks to you, and the generous support of our sponsors, we raised over $23,000 to fund advocacy that [...]

New Resource: What Are “Katie A. Services” and Why Are They Critical for Youth with Mental Health Needs?

By Annabelle Gardner, Director of Communications The consequences of untreated mental illness are in the news--a lot. Families and whole communities have been and continue to be torn apart because people with serious mental health needs aren’t getting adequate treatment. Hospitalizations for psychiatric disorders are spiking, especially for youth, and there aren’t enough hospital beds [...]

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Closing the Gap: DHCS Announces All Medi-Cal Youth Are Eligible for Community-Based Mental Health Care

By Annabelle Gardner, Director of Communications Thousands of young people with mental health needs in California are newly eligible for community-based mental healthcare thanks to policy changes announced by the Department of Health Care Services last week. With mental health related hospitalizations for children and youth at an all time high, these services could fill [...]

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